Ottersburn Summer Show '18 closes. Next Exhibition news!

Kevan McGinty - Exhibition

Ottersburn Summer Show '18 now drawing to a close ...

As we see the end of the Summer, and our Summer show, we begin to make way for our next exhibition. This is a solo show of work by Whithorn artist Kevan McGinty.

We thank all our Summer Show exhibitors for submitting their work. These included Maggie Ayres, Sarah Stewart, Val Macadam, Hope London, Suzanne Stuart Davies, Jo Gallant, Liz Gilbey, Helen Acklam, Jane Howe, Angela Lawrence, Alan Brockbank, Michal Šúr, Pattie Lean, Alistair Hamilton, Bella Green, Liz Perry, Emma Visca, Alison Fair-Bixler and James Macaulay.

While we take a week's holiday there will be a chance to see some of the pieces from the Summer show, as these will remain on display until 1st September. We thank friends and colleagues for sitting in on the Gallery during our absence, so opening times will remain as they are currently, Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

As always keep an eye out on our social feeds, Facebook and Twitter for regularly updated information.